Paint Over Crayon Technique

Wax Resist - Flowers


Crayon resist is a simple but effective technique for producing really good artwork, suitable for pre-school and above.

The image is produced by layering water binomo based paint over images drawn in wax crayon.

Here are some top tips on how to produce great wax resist pictures:

Tip 1 Be prepared with the right materials. Make sure you use watercolour or tempera-paint and wax crayons; Pastels are not suitable.

Tip 2 Draw an image on your drawing frame in crayon, you can use coloured or white crayon. This will be the foreground.

Tip 3 Make sure you press firmly with the crayon.

Tip 4 Shake off any how to register for binomo investment crayon crumbs. To insure that no bits flake off when doing the paint over-wash so you get even coverage.

Tip 5 Mix up your paint, keeping it quite thin in consistency.

Tip 6 Apply the paint over the top of the drawn crayon image making sure to cover the image and take paint right to the edges. This will become the background.

Tip 7 As if by magic the image drawn in crayon appears.

Tip 8 Landscape drawings work really well using this method eg blue paint for sky, yellow or green paint for land.

Tip 9 A great Christmas design can be produced by drawing the image in red and white crayon and then overlaying with green paint.

Tip 10 HAVE FUN !!!!

We recently updated our sample binomo free signal products artwork to use a wax crayon resist design produced by a pupil from Tottington Primary School.

See how it looks on the products on Facebook.

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