How to Create Great Hand and Footprint Artwork.

Hand and footprints are a great way of getting the little ones involved in a FunMats project, with a little imagination you can produce some lovely artwork.
We recently had fun when Clare and her daughter Amie created some sample footprint art for a Facebook feature. We thought we’d share some top tips from our experience:
(See the video on YouTube)
Tip 1 Safety First – Use paints that are safe for children and babies, non toxic water based paint.
Tip 2 Make sure you’ve got your baby wipes at the ready! Things can get messy.
Tip 3 Practice on scrap paper first. So you can work out how much paint to use to get good results without using up a lot of your Art Booklets.
Tip 4 Paint the hand or foot as quickly as you can – young children can be ticklish.
Tip 5 Use bright paints and you can try painting fingers or toes different colours.
Tip 6 Place the drawing frame on the desk or floor and, using another person’s help, guide the hand or foot onto the paper. (Watch out for little hands scrunching up at this point, feet can sometimes be easier.)
Tip 7 Hold hand/foot firmly in place for 3 seconds then remove. That’s long enough to get a good print and about as long as a little one will tolerate before wriggling.
Tip 8 You can always use your finger to dab on paint afterwards if a finger or toe didn’t print fully.
Tip 9 A name and age looks great and personalises the artwork.
Tip 10 You can be imaginative and turn your hand or foot print into an animal. Try also adding some scenery to surround it.
Thanks for reading and
Happy Fundraising!

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