How It Works

The FunMats project binomo allows you to offer parents the chance to buy quality items featuring their own child’s artwork.

Any size of school or playgroup can participate and raise extra cash. We have no minimum quantities, so it doesn’t matter how small or big your school is.

The project is run in three stages and can take around eight weeks to complete.

  1. Creating artwork.
  2. Take orders from parents.
  3. We manufacture the items.

Creating artwork

Child Ready to DrawEach child draws a picture or does a hand/footprint in the Art Booklets which we supply. Remember, every child in the school can draw their own picture so no one is disappointed.

Creating good bright artwork is the key to success in the FunMats project. Parents love to see their child’s work and the more binomo review colourful it is the more they will buy. This is best done at school in class so that the children are given guidance to ensure that colourful and useable artwork is produced.

The artwork creation stage can easily be fitted into the curriculum by choosing the current classwork theme as the subject matter, e.g. healthy eating. Sometimes a bit of inspiration helps children create great artwork; you might choose to use a theme such as my family, pets, under the sea or when I grow up I want to be a…..

Very young children can make handprint artwork. If named and dated these make great mementoes for friends and family.

Please remember, artwork must be produced on our art booklets, which we supply free of charge.


Take Orders From Parents

Now is the time to SELL! Parents have a choice of ten quality products: traditional coasters, jumbo mats, placemats, message pads, mousemats, glass tablemats, art prints, framed artwork, shopping bags and children’s t-shirts. We have no minimum order so parents can buy as little or as much as they want.

We recommend that you arrange an how to use binomo after school event to promote FunMats and show parents the products they can buy.

We will supply you with some samples of the products and a promotional poster to help make your event a success.

Alternatively send the art booklet home for parents to place orders and return them to school with payment. The booklet can be folded so that the artwork is inside to protect the precious pictures.

Sending Your Order to FunMats

As parents have paid for their items when they ordered, you already have your profit in hand! All that is left to do is to fill in our order form and send the art booklets to us along with your payment for manufacturing.

The finished products are returned to you, packed by class for ease of distribution.

All the FunMats products make great gifts for all the family and the project can be undertaken at any time of year. Great value, great fun, great fundraiser!

What do I do next?

If you have any questions you can get in touch via our contact us page and also please see our FAQ’s.

You can also request an information pack, which will give you all the info you need about the FunMats Project at your fingertips. The info pack is great when pitching ideas to your PTA or Friends committee as it also contains a large poster showing all the wonderful products and a FREE sample coaster!

When the time comes you can either ring us or use this form to book in to do a FunMats Project. Production is planned well in advance so please book in with us as early as possible. We will then send you all you need to get started.