New Website!

Welcome to our new website and also to our new simpler fundraising project.

You may not be aware that this will be our 20th autumn helping schools raise much needed extra funds. And to celebrate we’ve given the project a new fresh look. We have made changes to how the project runs, to try to make our fab fundraiser a little easier to organise. We’ve also given the brand a make-over and re-style!

We’re really excited by the new changes and hope that you will find the new project a lot quicker and easier to run. There are too many changes to list them all here so we’ll just give the highlights and leave you to explore our new site for the details.

  • Single project for both handprint and drawing artwork
  • Carriage is included in the prices for most areas of the UK; Northern Scotland will see reduced costs
  • New artwork booklet that contains drawing frame and parent’s order form in one place
  • Two new products
  • And If you have any questions you can always call us on our new FREEPHONE number: 0800 77 343 77

The FunMats Crew

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