Paint Over Crayon Technique

Wax Resist - Flowers


Crayon resist is a simple but effective technique for producing really good binomo artwork, suitable for pre-school and above.

The image is produced by layering water based paint over images drawn in wax crayon.

Here are some top tips on how to produce great wax resist pictures:

Tip 1 Be prepared with the right materials. Make sure you use watercolour or tempera-paint and wax crayons; Pastels are not suitable.

Tip 2 Draw an image on your drawing frame in crayon, you can use coloured or white crayon. This will be binomo investment the foreground.

Tip 3 Make sure you press firmly with the crayon.

Tip 4 Shake off any crayon crumbs. To insure that no bits flake off when doing the paint over-wash so you get even coverage.

Tip 5 Mix up your paint, keeping it quite thin in consistency.

Tip 6 Apply the paint over the top of the drawn crayon image making sure to cover the image and take paint right to the edges. This will become the background.

Tip 7 As if by magic the image drawn in crayon appears.

Tip 8 Landscape drawings work really well using this method eg blue paint for sky, yellow or green paint for land.

Tip 9 A great Christmas design can be produced by drawing the image in red and white crayon and then overlaying with green paint.

Tip 10 HAVE FUN !!!!

We recently updated our sample products is binomo safe in india artwork to use a wax crayon resist design produced by a pupil from Tottington Primary School.

See how it looks on the products on Facebook.

How to Create Great Hand and Footprint Artwork.

Hand and footprints are a great way of getting the little ones involved in a FunMats project, with a little imagination you can produce some lovely artwork.
We recently had fun when Clare and her daughter Amie created some sample footprint art for a Facebook feature. We thought we’d share some top tips from our experience:
(See the video on YouTube)
Tip 1 Safety First – Use paints that are safe for children and babies, non toxic water based paint.
Tip 2 Make sure you’ve got your baby wipes at the ready! Things can get messy.
Tip 3 Practice on scrap paper first. So you can work out how much paint to use to get good results without using up a lot of your Art Booklets.
Tip 4 Paint the hand or foot as quickly as you can – young children can be ticklish.
Tip 5 Use bright paints and you can try painting fingers or toes different colours.
Tip 6 Place the drawing frame on the desk or floor and, using another person’s help, guide the hand or foot onto the paper. (Watch out for little hands scrunching up at this point, feet can sometimes be easier.)
Tip 7 Hold hand/foot firmly in place for 3 seconds then remove. That’s long enough to get a good print and about as long as a little one will tolerate before wriggling.
Tip 8 You can always use your finger to dab on paint afterwards if a finger or toe didn’t print fully.
Tip 9 A name and age looks great and personalises the artwork.
Tip 10 You can be imaginative and turn your hand or foot print into an animal. Try also adding some scenery to surround it.
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Happy Fundraising!

Every Penny Counts

This is a tip for any PTA running a fundraising project with their school at the moment. Did you know you may be able to claim the VAT back on your order?

As an individual we know we have to pay VAT on things we buy but as it’s always already included in prices and we cannot choose to not pay it, we don’t really give it much thought during our day-to-day lives.

However companies and other organisations have to provide a VAT return to the HMRC detailing their VAT income and out-goings. A business can also claim back any VAT charges they have paid out when submitting their VAT return.

How does this help you?

You will automatically be charged VAT on the fundraising products you buy. This may or may not be itemised on your invoice but there is normally VAT included in the final payable amount.

PTA’s are normally not VAT registered, so cannot claim back VAT charges. BUT your school or LEA will be VAT registered. This means if you can get the invoice and payment to go through your school or the LEA’s books they will be able to claim that VAT money back. Meaning you essentially get the goods at a 16% discount!! (Please trust our maths on this one.)

So before you send in your order or write that cheque, ask your school or LEA if they can put the order through their books and ask your fundraising company to address the invoice to the school or LEA if they agree.

Hope you enjoy spending your extra profit!

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Happy Fundraising!

New Website!

Welcome to our new website and also to our new simpler fundraising project.

You may not be aware that this will be our 20th autumn helping schools raise much needed extra funds. And to celebrate we’ve given the project a new fresh look. We have made changes to how the project runs, to try to make our fab fundraiser a little easier to organise. We’ve also given the brand a make-over and re-style!

We’re really excited by the new changes and hope that you will find the new project a lot quicker and easier to run. There are too many changes to list them all here so we’ll just give the highlights and leave you to explore our new site for the details.

  • Single project for both handprint and drawing artwork
  • Carriage is included in the prices for most areas of the UK; Northern Scotland will see reduced costs
  • New artwork booklet that contains drawing frame and parent’s order form in one place
  • Two new products
  • And If you have any questions you can always call us on our new FREEPHONE number: 0800 77 343 77

The FunMats Crew